Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't try this at work

Ever had a sudden craving to run around the (empty) office just because it could be fun? How about skipping or doing ballet leaps? Well, just a friendly warning- make sure you really are alone.

I got to work early as I wanted to get some work done before the frenzy of demands come pouring in. The open office I am in usually has around 30-40 people. It was empty and TOO tempting. Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty" blaring in my head, I became an impromptu ballerina and treated myself to a couple of graceful and elegant laps around the open space. (For the record, I never did ballet- this was my improvised version of ballet- stunning) No doubt to any onlooker I looked like a giggling mad cow galloping around with my arms flailing about- I didnt care, it was exhilirating. But why stop there I think....why not glide myself to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee?

After a little twist, I sauteed over to the door leading to the kitchen. I daintily pushed the door open and leapt out.... "Hello" says a totally startled young man while I am airbourne. I gracefully land on his feet and start screaming in his face with fright. It was uncontrollable- I was so scared! Not only because I had not seen him but also much had he seen??? Poor guy comes to work early to calmly start his day only to come face to face with a high pitched hysteric. I was so mortified I could barely apologize as I felt the color fill my cheeks- I can only imagine what I looked like. He politely nodded and ran towards the safety of his desk- no doubt scarred for life. Moral of the story- do not act like a lunatic, you end up alone. ;)

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