Sunday, October 30, 2011

Socializing in the UK, otherwise known, as the art of holding your drink- part 1

Friday night....the weekend has officially begun and its time for that well deserved drink or two with friends and colleagues. Here in London, its time to get drunk with your friends and colleagues. And here lies my problem: I am a lightweight and have little to no alcohol tolerance. I am giggly by the end of the first glass, slightly woozy by the second and well, pretty gone by the third. But, this is England and whole nights are dedicated to the sole purpose of getting "rat assed", "trollied", "pissed"..... So what did I do last Friday?

Well, I don't remember everything that happened last friday night- a bit like in "The Hangover" when the guys wake up and start piecing the bits back together to find their friend. Except, in my case, I have flashbacks of embarassing moments,particularly stupid things I said and did. I have a vague recollection of asking a guy out. I pictured the following scene: I walk over confidently, say something witty and then ask him to the movies. At first, I giggled to myself "well done!" but as I was nursing my hangover I suddenly remembered that this happened after my second glass of wine. I thought about it a little longer and started to remember how this actually happened: we were crowded outside a pub and some ass wipe burned my cloth bag with his cigarette- after expertly slurring out some insults that no one understood I turned to find myself standing next to a cute colleague of mine. I remember him laughing a lot- no doubt at the fact I was swaying and probably drooling all over myself. Then he left and I FOLLOWED him! (CRINGE!) I followed him around for a while- like some hound following her prey. Then, I told him he should go to the movies with me (that's right-I didn't ask him)- staying with the hound image,I was barking orders at him. I think he said yes- but for when I have no idea because I cannot remember.

Saturday morning, I found out I had his number and that he and I had had a 15 mins phone conversation at 2 am- over what, I have no idea. I am mortified over my actions on Friday and how others must have perceived me. But, I am told this is the norm here in the UK. The truth is, it is not the norm for me. I manage to embarass myself enough as it is without needing alcohol to give me that added boost. One thing is for sure though, tomorrow I am going to work and I will have to face all those who witnessed my shameful behavior. I will also have to face my cute colleague and try to understand what did happen and if indeed he and I are going on a date this week.

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  1. Hahaha! Bravo, Miss, I like a forward female! "If you like it, grab it" is the motto in my part of the world!