Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boggie and Me

This is my story of Boggie. A man who, without any shame or second thoughts, picked his nose in front of me on the London Tube. That was pretty gross- but then he actually ate his booger. He seemed to be fully enjoying his morning treat, completely oblivious to the fact that I was struggling with nausea and dangerous mounting levels of bile. I mean, who does that, especially in public? My first thought: Only men would do that. A woman would never do that- certainly not a single one- and get away with it. Is that an unfair assumption? I certainly believe that as women, we are expected to act more daintily and dignified and that men can get away with more daring behavior.

For instance, when you have a terribly itchy can't just scratch it if you are in public. NNNOOO!!!! That would be disastrous...imagine touching your own boob and scratching it...why it's practically masturbating in public! So, what do we do? We start shifting, crossing our arms, desperately trying  to find a way to relieve the itch without anyone noticing. Filled with embarassment, discomfort we struggle with the urge to just give in and scratch.... It's a boob for God's sake! Part of our bodies, of who we are... I actually envy men for their nonchalance towards public embarassment. They don't think twice- they don't care who is watching- all they care about is their comfort. So, when that ball sack starts to itch, they don't hesitate once to just grab it a give it a satisfying scratch.

But, back to my dear Boggie- there are standards of hygiene and social behavior which I believe everyone should respect- man or woman- and picking your nose and eating your bogie in public is totally out of bounds. Anyways, there is always a silver lining: Boggie could have rolled his booger between his fingers into a firm snot ball and then inadvertently flicked it in my face. I guess in the end, he did keep it to himself. 

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