Sunday, November 20, 2011

Splashing along in life

How do people meet and fall in love? What is that magical moment that seems to "just happen" when you are not looking for it and that will forever change your life?

From what I gather in the UK you usually meet your true love in a bed (could be yours or his). You wake up  following a booze filled night of which you have almost no recollection, turn your head, look who is lying there and then decide if he's worth pursuing or not. He does the same with you- love blossoms or not.

But, Saturday, I saw the potential start of a beautiful love story in London- I mean Hollywood style. A friend and I were walking along a canal in Hackney. We came to a bridge and started to walk underneath when we noticed a most peculiar scene. An old, drunk angry man was shouting "You're fine! You're not hurt!"  at a woman sat on the edge of the bank with her feet in the water: She was visibly distressed and very wet. Behind her, an Adonis is moving her bike over to the side and ringing out her wet hat and bag. Sherlock Holmes would agree with me: this woman had fallen in the water and was being rescued and comforted- to a certain extent- by an old stinky drunk and a young man.

The woman, drenched and very possibly in shock, still had her red booted feet dangling in the water. But, she was not bothered by that. She started to scream and look up to the sky....hugging her ruined laptop. She tried to shake her laptop to get as much water out...but her efforts were futile. We asked if we could help, were told to fuck off by the old fart, and started to walk away. But, my mind was racing... I could not get over two things:

1) How precious that laptop seemed to her. It was as though she had lost her life, the way she was reacting. In my world, the only reasonable explanation was that she was possibly a writer who had just finished her masterpiece, had not backed up her work and rode her bike furiously to bring it to her editor...only she fell in the water when she swerved to avoid the drunk man, thus losing her precious work. In my world, that makes sense.

2) How gorgeous the young man was. He really was stunning. I actually considered throwing myself in the murky disgusting canal to see if he would save me.

All of this got me thinking: this could actually be that woman's lucky day- that magical moment where she meets her true love...a bit dramatic, I agree, but still a possibility. A knight rescuing his damsel in distress....OH HOW ROMANTIC!!!!!

It has occurred to me though that there could be many other interpretations, and indeed truths, of the scene I saw- but I like mine, it fits nicely and is sweet. I like the idea that something great can come from a truly shitty experience or day. Or perhaps I'm full of shit.

My friend and I continued along towards the market- both of us agreeing that the young man was absolutely one of the fittest real men we had ever seen- One day, I too will meet someone- there will be that moment... I just hope it's not hungover in his sheets. I'm not sure how I could tell that story to my future children and grandchildren. :)

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