Monday, November 28, 2011

Who's afraid of the big bad fart?

I think farts are simply hilarious- they are funny sounds, sometimes stinky smells, almost always a source of embarrasment as well as laughter. They are simple, they are free and they are natural- yet some people cannot come to terms with them: they get angry, flustered and sometimes aggressive (the people that is, not the farts- although farts too can be angry, flustered and sometimes aggressive- hee hee...). I have always found farts funny and I will never grow out of toilet humor...never. Nor do I want to. Best present ever with guaranteed hours of fun? A whopee cushion! People have asked me when I am going to grow out of it. Grow out of it? Why would I want to do that? Let's be honest, what kind of a person gets angry at a fart? Also, what kind of a person ignores a fart? I don't want to be one of them.

The best thing about farts? People's reactions to them: you have those who will do everything in their power to ignore them- even if the sound is deafening, the wind bracing and the smell toxic. Some start swearing under their breath, their angry eyes shooting accusatory glances around them, wildly seeking the culprit. Some are more vocal and express their disgust towards the one who delt it by insulting them. Then, there are people like me- who cannot help but laugh. I try and keep it in (the laughter that is) but then I start to smile. Smiling is the worst thing you can do when in this situation- because all of a sudden, everyone thinks it was you the Farter (which may or may not be true). You know what- it's a fart - get over it. Granted, some farts are worse than others- but still- they go away, they are not permanent.

Bit like life really- it's not permanent, it can be thoroughly unpleasant- in fact, it can downright stink. But, a little humor goes a long way and makes it all bearable. Ok- so not everyone might find them as funny as me- but ask yourself this if you ever catch yourself or witness someone else get mad at a fart- is it really worth it for a bunch of hot air?

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  1. Milos, Secret of Kells, Strawberry and Ice Cream desert. Fart.