Monday, April 16, 2012

New continent, new country, new city, new life and new dates

So I have not posted in a while- in fact this is my first post of the year! Hooray!

I moved to Vancouver, Canada nearly a month ago- a fantastic city which I am quickly falling in love with. On the subject of love- I decided to take matters into my own hands in order to meet men and joined a dating website. You know, one of those paid websites that advertise that they have their super duper highly evolved personality analyzer and that they scientifically match you to members of the opposite sex. Garanteed to find true love!!!  Complete rubbish if you ask me- but I am having fun with it. I get to meet men and I am enjoying it- so why not?

One thing I have learned about Vancouver men, and Vancouverites in general, is their love for the outdoors and exercise- I am not kidding. And who can blame them when you have so much beauty and nature to explore around you. However, judging by some of the men's profiles, it can be a bit extreme. One guy mentioned that if he did not do at least 3 hours of exercise and outdoor sports each day, he feels bad. Wow- imagine if I were to propose a night in or a sneaky sleep-in- he would feel so bad he might be sick!

Another thing I have learned about Vancouver men is that those who have dogs LOVE their dogs. In some of the men's profiles there are a few pics of them hugging their dogs and, in some cases, actual pics of just their dogs. I mean....who puts a pic of their dog on their dating profile?!!!!!! I don't want to date your dog- I want to potentially date you without wondering if I will competing for your affections. ╬ťaybe the men think that the dog pics will make us women swoon and rush to out to date them. Maybe it works with some women. But I just press the delete button.

On the subject of freaky photos on dating profiles: men holding young kids. OK guys- here's the deal. When I see on your DATING profile, pictures of you holding young kids, this is what is going through my head: 1) are those his kids? and 2) if those are not his kids, he wants kids in the not too distant future. Now, I have asked other women what they thought of this- we all agree that some men must think that we all have that maternal instinct and instantly fall in love with men when they show how great they are with kids. Not so- I press delete.

Another stupid faux-pas from men with their profile pics: photos of them hugging/holding other women (who are obviously not their mom). I don't care if that is actually your sister- think about have put a picture of yourself with another woman on a DATING profile that your potential female dates are going to judge you by! I don't want to see you with another woman- I want to be able to picture myself as the woman you might hold some day! I don't understand the logic in this one- so I press delete.

Do I sound picky? Well, I am because I know what I want. I want to meet someone who respects me, likes me and wants to share a life with me. I have found some men that seem interesting and started to engage in online conversation. I have started to go out on dates. Each man I go out on a date with will have a dedicated post. They will remain anonymous and be given nicknames.

Let the fun begin!

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